My Pen

Buju Banton

This is Buju Banton and Ive got something special to say
With my dear friend, who is my pen
Oooh Lord, ORight, yeah .Oooooh

Here I go again
Just me and my pen
Im without a friend
They have all turned and gone and left me
Now on my lonesome journey a few things in life concern me
What is life?
The other is how we live it?

(Verse 1)
(?) said time will tell
We may not read and write for real
Our senses are elevated within
Aw here come my folly
Only unto those who despise
Jealous ones will always criticize
Is that life? Is that the way to live it? (YEAAAAH)
Words has its boundaries
Sky has no limit
Be the best in life rule everything in it
Let no one stand in your way
Theres just one law to obey
And protect your sanity


(Verse 2)
And when all is gone and everything becomes clear
Whats it all about?
Is it fortune or fame?
There is justice, equality and our human rights
Im sick and tired of watching our children pay the price
Lord, Lord, Lord
They cry a silent tear
And I wonder if they hear
I wonder if they care

Hear my goals again