Random Song

What A Day

Tanya Stephens

Oh what a day yow
Ooh what a day yow
Seh what a day, what a daaayy
Oh, yeh

Verse 1:
I'm tired of the hunger I see on people's faces
Tired of the animosity between the races
Tired of corruption, and high and low places
And brits with money but no social graces
Tired of being judged for the style in my hair
The music that I listen and the clothes that I wear
I'm tired of life and death being sold as a pair
And politicians who keep saying they care
Maybe hoping for a change is a dream
Maybe life ain't as bad as it seems
But if dreaming is the best I can do
Then I'll be dreaming my whole life through

Oh what a day when war
Becomes a thing of the past
And peace
We will have it at last
And life
Is finally worth its cost
And oh oh oh
What a day when men
Finally live what they teach
And love
Aint just a concept we preach
And blood
No longer runs in the streets
War, oh oh
what a day

Verse 2:
I'm tired of leaving church feeling like I just been robbed
Two hours of rambling, not much mention of God
The richest man's the only one who does not have a job
A bunch of righteous freaks extorting worse than a mob yow
Tired of baby mama, tired of baby daddy
Chilling in the spot where the parents should be
Teenage mothers saying leave my babies alone
At twenty years that kid could be robbing my home
I got a vision of a whole other plan
Where the spiritual can flourish again
I'm just waiting for the fire to rain
Bun down everything and start clean
[ ... ]