Random Song

100 Dollar Bag

Beenie Man

(WEED) high grade
(WEED) good for your nerves
(WEED) hundred dollar bag
(WEED) thousand dollar bag
(WEED) aight, check mi arguement...

When you see me inna the dance mi and Goofy ah chat
Inna mi scandal bag mi have (hundred dollar bag)
When you see me ina the dance mi and Kiki a par
And you a ask me what mi have (hundred dollar bag)
You see the car weh me a drive and the house weh me a have
And them a ask me how mi get it (hundred dollar bag)
And nuff night me a bleach cah teach me come fi teach
And me tell di youth dem fi buy (hundred dollar bag)

Well, police ah lock mi up cah tru the high grade breed
Mi fadda deh a bush press the seargent weed
Legalise it, them have the permit fi dweet
But the bigger edge dem ah sell the weed outta street
Geee, Babylon a take man fi flee flee
How man fi go a sidewalk go buy ki-ki
You no think say Babylon want fi brutalize we
Under the weed, I'm bringin the music inna the industry
Tru nuh we, you no discover Bob Marley
Tru nuh we, you no discover Tosh and Bunny
Tru nuh we, you no discover the great Buju B
Tru nuh we, you no want Beenie and Bounty
So you know Beenie Man a one weed baby.


Well, anno guess me a guess, this is what I believe in
Have the sensimilla is a real-born healing
When mi smoke the sensi it makes me reach to the ceiling
Mi nah go deal with no stealing
Well, the crack the coke the heroin, that mi no deal in
And the sensimilla give you natural feelin
Coke mash dem up and leave the whole a dem screamin
Good senimilla man burnin...

[ ... ]