Random Song



Dem a grapple to the power that mek Eve bite the apple
Same concept created the market level
Hailie Selassie-I see I-n-I I-manity
His words express that, So keenly
Thatís the frontier of relation Qua-lity
Interaction Qua-lity, (Interaction Qua-lity)
The cultivation is the feasible Inity
Home is a word them have in all man country
Already common is the breath, Man in-breathe
Yes must have in moral structure and I-deal
Or else its Anarchy (Or else its Anarchy)
Or else its An-ark (Or else its An-ark)
As long as there is life there is still hope among
King of Kings,
Warrior and Priest upon his throne, Upon his throne
See it now Ė
They exploding out of chaotic chaos theory
Same way for war, Same way for market economy
Out of the splinters is a diverse of a vulture feast
Exploding money where they saying up recessionally
What a covering they clear for all to see
They rationalize that how the risk make them not worthy
Thatís just the frontier of their upgrade to recently
Yay yah
The quality of life is how you feel inside B, Inside B
The covered wagons are computational and spectro-metric
Where the night watchman is a camera pon a pole to see
Yet everything still only feeding off of human need
A need for safety, a need for security
Them pride themselves in knowing the psychology of the refugee
And guess who will provide the needed, and a place to be
And only see it as a necessary reality
Then the matter settle when the boom-down great agree
And get everyone to sight all party
Finance them get it to all and see the camel in the needle eye
Decided to [ ... ]