Random Song



Haile, Haile I Selassie I no know the fathom of galactic in your eye, but I know youíre the blood with the knowledge of the living of all blood tie, Honour be on to the generation that bring you to reach this time, South, west, north, east, Africa all family now realize, In the flow all the fringe and the weak broke off drop off in these time, vector equilibrium mental strong beat stabilize. Syllable talk, syllable sing, syllable raise the heights, the ancient left monuments of precision unapproachable to your scientific giant, the biggest heaven they walk like androids in the footprint (?earth) the higher liquid stain upon the tree if it was crystal light them no see, you must acknowledge higher power, instruments, and concepts, and execution, the evidence ya now that theirís substance to the world ancient mythology, the missing parts of parallel they gather for expansion is combustion, them come fe boom(bomb)down, cut up, explode, super-collide, crash everything just to see what them be, what have we here denial of reality, when man is done so complex already. They have invented more in a few months than the whole 20th century, the room and the panel look like reductionist math in plain visibility, some of the most excellent desperate over achievers feel, an interior inferior inadequacy, there outer and there inner is now not matching you see, a deep unsettled anger about how creation seem not fair to be, peace prize in his name with the dynamite to blow up quarry, was it really a noble endeavour (?lobbying me herb sensi)?, who the team of research endeavour to agree to be? and in his laws meditate day and night is your creation capacity, simplicity. The chemical soup of possibility already prove, that almost anything man [ ... ]