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Get It On

Wayne Wonder

Intro: Buju Banton
Got to give har the love that is the best
A Buju Banton and Wayne Wonder givin har a special request
Woman we a want you to do fi run and come over
Wayne Wonder say somethin to har!!!

Chorus: Wayne Wonder
Put yourself in my position, its the moment of decision yeah
Gonna love you like a real man, let us have some fun

Verse 1: Buju Banton
Hear mi now!!! So when your ready you fi come come
Fit up mi self already no man nah go run run
Pleasure satisfaction alone mi bring down down
Penis stiff up like a pencil heart beat like a drum drum
Man afraid a woman brave heart man a nuh dumb dumb
Love yuh make yuh simma and seckle like run down
Touch yuh body right and mek yuh seh dat is well done
Nah give har a half dat mek she fill di whole spectrum
Woman just bring on di fun
I'm gonna love you like its neva beem done
Take you on a little plane and set your equilibrium
No escaping no turning back a no place to run
Woman a melt, she a di butta, mi a di sun, touchdown!!!

Verse 2: Wayne Wonder (Buju Banton)
Try my best to make it better
Satisfy you bring you pleasure in your life, whoa oh oh oh!!!
(A mi a di flesh also cut you in two)
Other guys would die to do whatever
Acting smart not being clever, no not I
(Pleasure inna slaughta!!!)

Verse 3: Buju Banton
Hear why!!! Man a mek love to woman dem a look up inna space
Nah feel no pleasure him nah penetrate
She waan test har fate, hold on embrace
Get up tired and bawl fi bodyache
See di hussy carry di money mek him confiscate
Yuh rather have a man wid who yuh can relate
[ ... ]