Random Song

Tek Him Back

Tanya Stephens

(Phone Conversation]
Tanya: Hello, Natalie? This is Tanya.
Natalie: Tanya who? You mean Tanya who tek meh man and gwaan like she waan broke fight pon mi?!
Tanya: But Natalie I was young and foolish
Natalie: Foolish?! That was last year!
Tanya: But people change...
Natalie: No change! No, I dont waan hear it!
Hold On-

[Verse 1]

Back inna day me an me friend dem used to move ex
Cut and go tru de crew used to flex
Any man we see we waan we jus tek
Gyal talk too hard get ah kick inna she neck well
Couple of times you used to call me pon de phone
Cuss me fi left your husband alone
Ah jus now me fully understand
Ahy me really need to leave your man
Cuz him refuse to look work
So his pockets stay bruck
Cant mash ants but him want to chuck you say
You really love me nah fight dat wifey
Please come tek him back


And you can find im clothes dem pon de lawn
If when you come you nuh see me, me gone
Cause me no love how yuh man ah peform
So, tek him back, wifey, tek him back
Look how me used to brag and show off
Now inna de end you have de last laugh
Even if it means dat mi haffi pop off
Yu ah go tek him back, wifey, tek him back
Yu betta tek him

You haffi tek him back (you betta tek him back)

[Verse 2]

Me used tink him ah de toppa de top even bottom ah top
Ah him friendly wid every piece ah ice imma rock
He tell me bout ah drop-top and ah yacht
I caan believe ah gyal like me fall fi dat!
If me nevah did so vex me woulda find it funny [ ... ]